What's Growing Wednesday (Sept 5, 2012)

No flowers in my garden anymore...This is problem I'll have to rectify...Instead here are some edible plants growing. Above is some baby basil that I got from one of Vancity's sponsored outdoor movie nights. It is growing pretty slowly...maybe because I've been keeping it inside and it's not getting enough light. I hope it'll grow big enough to eat before the weather cools off.

An update on the kale I got at the Richmond Garlic Festival a few weeks back. The photo on the left was when I first planted it and the one on the right is how big is it now! 

It is growing very strong! I only bought one because I wasn't sure if I would kill it but now I wish I bought more! The other greens growing beside it are "German Gai Lan" (from a literal Chinese translation). We grow it every year. It overwinters and then we get weeks and weeks of greens in the spring.

I have also a medley of lettuce growing. I'll have to thin the patch even more soon.

Orange cherry tomato plant is still producing lots of fruit but the grape cherry tomatoes are still green...I don't know why???

So what's growing in your garden?

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