Tomato Festival at Trout Lake Farmers Market

The Vancouver Farmers Market at Trout Lake and Kitsilano held a Tomato Festival this past weekend. I attended the Trout Lake one to see all the different types of heirloom tomatoes being sold.

There was a table full of tomatoes where visitors could vote for the biggest, most beautiful, most ugliest, and most shapely tomatoes.

 This one was going for most beautiful.

 So was this one. It has a really nice mix of colour!

 This was going for the biggest. I thought it should have been under cutest! XD

 Most beautiful or cutest?

Everywhere I looked there were tomatoes.

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!

Stoney Paradise aka Tomato Man has a sense of humour. =)

Look at these Sungolds from Tomato Man! So orange! Mmmm! So good!

Tomatoes from Klippers Organics.

A lot of tomato facts were posted up around the market. I learned a few things!

Of course, it wasn't just tomatoes that are in season, lots of other vegetables and fruits are in season too. I saw a lot of squash.

Melons and squash.

Since I'm on the subject of tomatoes, here is my own tomato harvest! Mmm Sungolds!

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