Soylent Green Shaved Ice - Bowen Island, BC

Craving Hawaiian style shaved ice? I used to think I'd have to go back to Hawaii to enjoy it again. That is, until I discovered the Soylent Green food truck, which serves organic smoothies, teas, coffee, soup, ice cream and YES, authentic Hawaiian style shaved ice!!! It was located in Snug Cove, Bowen Island near the ferry terminal about 2 minutes down Bowen Trunk Road in the parking lot next to the General Store. You can't miss it. It is also the cutest food truck I've ever seen!

Having just finished a long hike, shaved ice seemed a very good idea. M and I wanted to share one and was going to order a large when the lady inside warned us that large is very very large. It's for four people she said. We thanked her and ordered the small size instead. Little did we know...that "small" is also very large. We were allowed to pick up to 3 flavours so we chose Blue Raspberry, Coconut and Guava.

YES. This is "Small".
We waited while she made our icy treat and I got glimpses of the monster that was forming. OMG. It is SO BIG. Move over Matsumoto Shaved Ice! You've got NOTHING on Soylent Green!

Wow. We had to sit down to enjoy this beast. And it was amazing! The coconut was the strongest flavour. Even when my tongue had frozen over and I couldn't taste the other flavours anymore, I could still taste the coconut. The blue raspberry and guava was also very tasty. Mmmm. So good and a total bargain at a mere $3.50!

Look how blue it made my tongue! LOL It matches my t-shirt! Even though it was huge, we managed to finish most of it. It was just the melted remains we left.

Soylent Green also provides a very convenient box for you to dispose of your garbage. Even this is cute!

They are a food truck so they are mobile but they are on Bowen Island currently. Soylent Green also has a Facebook page and Twitter account where you can keep up to date with their location.

So if you are ever over on Bowen Island, this food truck is a must visit! Hawaiian style shaved ice only about an hour away from downtown Vancouver. Sure beats a $400 round trip ticket to Hawaii!

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