Launch of @JJsTrucketeria Food Truck

JJ's Trucketeria opened yesterday at the South Hill "Hot Tub" launch party, and it is the first mobile food vendor on Fraser Street.

The food truck drew a massive lineup and sold out of all their food in one and half hours after opening! They were so busy that people had to wait at least 30 minutes to get their orders.

JJ's Trucketeria serves perogies, garlic fried rice plates, and meat skewers. They also have a veggie option (with cheese) called the "Fraser Bowl" which features fresh season vegetables with rice. Their sweet yam perogies were the first to sell out after only 1 hour!

All day "GFR" breakfast ($5) - a plate of garlic fried rice, fried egg, sauce and skinless Asian chorizo
 I ordered the garlic fried rice with the skinless Asian chorizo. Other meat sides choices are Mumbai chicken, Grilled lemon grass chicken, Vietnamese port meatball or Filipino BBQ pork. For $5 you get a fairly large portion. I liked it! The fried rice and egg was a bit greasy but delicious. And it was very garlicky. There were some bits where it was spicy because some of the garlic wasn't cooked enough. But who doesn't like a blast of garlic flavour?! It also comes with some lettuce and dressing. Very well worth it!

JJ's Signature Panwich ($3) - pandesal sandwich stuffed with Filipino BBQ pork and all the fixins.
In addition, I decided to try JJ's signature Panwich which is a small bun stuffed with your choice of meat, the same choices as the garlic fried rice. I chose the Filipino BBQ pork this time. I found this one to be a bit spicy. It might have been a spicy mayonnaise. I thought there was a bit too much mayo, I certainly needed a lot of napkins to clean my fingers! Still I found it good to eat and at $3, it is also well worth it.

With delicious food at low prices, JJ's Trucketeria is a welcome addition to the Fraser Street food scene. Plus now you get to enjoy your street eats at the new Hot Tub seating area! I will be sure to come back for a taste of their yam perogies!

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