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Fable is a relatively new restaurant in the Kitsilano area owned by Trevor Bird, a Top Chef Canada contestant. The restaurant's concept is to take food directly from the farm and deliver it right to your table eliminating the middleman. This way ingredients are always fresh and locally sourced and help support our local farmers!

To celebrate the commencement of their Monday service, Fable held a tweetup yesterday to get people to spread the word and celebrate with them! It was a night full of standup eats, mingling and tweeting.

 The open concept kitchen of Fable. You can watch the chefs prepare your food right before your eyes!

Trevor Bird and one of his line chefs (Sean?) posing for a picture for me! I was kind of starstruck. I may or may not have sent some creepy tweets. Haha.

The menu of the evening - drinks and food bites.

This is a wicked chandelier. The decor really embraces the farm to table concept. 

Chicken wire to keep the wine from escaping. 

Trevor Bird was busy preparing all the delicious delicious food for us all the while bombarded by the paparazzi! 

I love the t-shirt he was wearing! 

Apple Ginger Cooler
I had a non-alcoholic Apple Ginger Cooler but wines were also flowing - Jacob's Creek 2007 'Reserve' Riesling and Moulin De Gassac 2010 'Guilem'.  

The food was AMAZING! Every time a new platter came out, the cameras and phones also followed. Each food item had their own little photo shoot by all the tweeters! 

Chickpea Fritters, Pickled red onion, shoots, curry mayo

Beef Cheek, Capponita
The beef cheek was melt in your mouth good. Very tender piece of morsel.

Scallop with bacon and bean puree
 My favourite of the night was the scallop on bean puree. Plus everything tastes better with bacon!

Halibut "Brandade" - Gazpacho, olive oil

Mushroom Flat Bread - Olive oil, arugula, parmesan

Potato Crusted Chicken - Ratatouille

Slow cooked salmon with pesto, spinach puree and gnocchi

Local figs, pickled blackberry, hazelnut, gorgonzola.

The place was full of like-minded people having a great time and enjoying delicious food and drinks. It was very nice to meet the people behind the twitter handles. Trevor came out from behind the kitchen to join us later in the evening and took pictures with everyone.

A successful tweetup I'd say! It was a great evening full of delicious food and mingling and #FableMonday was even trending in Vancouver! The food was truly amazing and I only got a taste of the real deal. Will definitely be back to try the mains and desserts! If you haven't tried this restaurant yet, you are missing out! Check out Fable, now open Mondays!

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