Golden Swan Restaurant

I haven't been to Golden Swan Restaurant in quite a while now. Our family had boycotted it due to several horrible service experiences but we decided to try it out again since we heard that there was a change in owners (Thank God).

Interior is still the same. A large spacious dining area.

 We were given some salted roasted peanuts to snack prior to ordering.

Since it was the chef recommendation, we decided to try the Lobster, scallop, shrimp with rice in lotus leaf dish.  

Free range, salted chicken. This was pretty good. Flavourful and tender chicken.

Then the lobster dish came. It is a big dish and we couldn't finish it all. The lobster, scallops and shrimp seem to be hapazardly thrown into the steamer except for, perhaps, the lobster head and the tail. To be honest, it wasn't as good as the Lobster on Sticky rice at Ho Yuen Kee. It was larger for sure but the rice didn't taste lobster-y enough for my liking. There wasn't any of the red stuff (I guess the lobster didn't have any?) in the sticky rice, but there was an addition of chinese sausage, which I thought could have been omitted.

Gai-lan with beef and strangely pineapples. This dish was very oily and the pineapples seemed out of place. 

We finished dinner off with sweet red bean and tapioca dessert.

Overall, most of the dishes were oilier than we liked and dishes we tried were underwhelming but so far, the service seemed greatly improved so I think, we'd consider coming back again.

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