West End Fest 2012 Photos

Saturday, Sept 8th marked the inaugural year of the annual West End Fest, formerly Davie Day, and Davie Street was blocked off from Burrard all the way to Denman to celebrate the businesses and community of the west end. The street was filled people enjoying live entertainment, roller disco, dodge ball tournaments, heritage walking tours, and lots more family friendly events.

West End Fest started with the Main Stage at Davie at Burrard where Joan-E was emceeing.

I caught the tail end of Carlotta Gurl's performance. These drag queens really know now to entertain!

Joan-E and Carlotta Gurl

Free food samples included Orville Redenbacher's kettlecorn, cottoncandy, and slices of Hell Pizza. I only got the kettlecorn sample because for the others there were super long lineups! 

 There were a couple mascots out on the street. The Denny's egg?

 And Bread Head, the COBS Bread mascot!

 This looked fun. Roller Disco!

 Next to the roller disco area was the art area where children (or adults) were encouraged to paint cars.

 Here dad was drawing an artistic tree with chalk while baby helped paint. So cute!

West End heritage walking tours were held every hour and I managed to catch one of the Mole Hill tours.

 The Urban Rec dodge ball competition looked like a lot of fun!

Michael Fraser was playing on the Denmann Stage when I finally made my way to this end. His music is amazing! He pairs violin with funky disco beats creating an electrifying sound that you can dance to. Suffice to say his music drew a large crowd!

There were a lot of dogs that attended as well. They are all such cuties!

I had a great time and was pooped by the end of the day. It was a lot of walking! Great music and entertainment abound! If you missed it, make sure you catch it next year!

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