Ice Cream Social Celebration at Hillcrest Geyser

Last Saturday, an ice cream social was held at Hillcrest Park to mark the official opening of the Hillcrest Geyser. The social started at 12:30pm and many came to view the city's newest public artwork and enjoy the sunny weather with a free icy treat from Hillcrest's Blue Parrot Cafe.

We had the choice of Rainbow sorbet, Raspberry, Lemon Meringue, and Mocha Almond Fudge.

I tried the Mocha Almond Fudge while I waited for the inauguration at 1pm. Mmm. 

The Park board representatives, city representatives and the artists who designed the piece introduced the Geyser and its history. The Geyser It was perfect that it went off when the artists, Vanessa Kwan and Erica Stocking addressed the crowd.

The Geyser is the last of the twenty-three temporary and permanent public art pieces commission by the City of Vancouver as part of the 2010 Olympic and Paralymic games legacy. It is located east of Hillcrest Centre on the gassy knoll at the corner of Ontario and Peveril Street. The man-made Geyser mirrors a real geyser where it is unpredictable. It only erupts when water is needed in the grey water catchment system that is used for sanitary and irrigation needs in the Hillcrest Centre, making it a part of the green initiatives of the building. This means that it will erupt more often in the dry summer months than during rainy weather. 

The children love it! They were having so much fun around the water. Waiting in anticipation and running up the hill when it goes off. 

Vanessa Kwan and Erica Stocking

It's good to know that this water structure is here because there is no lights or sounds to announce the coming spray...One of the artists friends even got wet because they didn't know it would go off! There is a warning spray in which the water slowly builds up to 3-5 feet then drops off just before the full column of water.

After the public address, there was still ice cream left so I had another. =P I tried the Rainbow Sorbet this time and I liked it better. There might have some orange zest added into the sorbet as well. It was very refreshing in the hot weather.

I love it the new public artwork, it's great for the community centre and very unique! To learn more about the Geyser and the artists check out the Public Art Vancouver website:

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