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After 3 rounds of laser tag and 1 round of rock climbing at the Laserdome with W last Friday, I was famished. I had a giftcard to use at the District and since I don't usually go to North Vancouver, decided eat there. 

It was about 9pm when were got there. The place was busy, but we had a choice of sitting at one of the high tables or outside patio. It was a little chilly so we opted inside. The table was in front of the open kitchen so we could see the chefs preparing our food. When we sat down, our waitress informed us that there were a few menu items that they had run out of.

The NO. 13 Burger - Our interpretation of a classic, a tenderloin & sirloin burger patter (ground in house), dressed to impress with The District burger tapenade & caramelized white onion mayonnaise. ($16)
W went with a burger, while I opted for some mussels.

Mussels 1 1/3 pounds of Gulf Island mussels. Served with Patat Friet & grilled bread. - Blue Cheese & Bacon ($18)
We both agreed that the fries were really good. They put a little chilly powder on it I think because it was slightly spicy.

The mussels were big and I liked how it tasted. The menu was right: blue cheese & bacon really works. The only thing was it was very salty and there wasn't nearly enough bread to soak up the sauce.

The food was good but the service was a little slow. We had to wait a while to order. Wait a while for the bill to come after the waitress had taken our food away. Maybe we just hit them on a busy night.

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