Volunteering at the Metro Van #FeastofFields 2012

Feast of Fields is an annual 4 hour feasting festival and fundraising event for FarmFolkCityFolk to highlight the connections between farmers and chefs and promote eating local foods. There are several Feast of Fields events held in BC but Metro Vancouver one is always held on the Sunday after Labour Day. This year, the host farm was Golden Ears Cheesecrafters out in Maple Ridge.

When I heard FarmFolkCityFolk needed more volunteers at the event, I offered to help out.

The feasting didn't officially start until 1pm but I had to be there at 11am to help set up. I was stationed at the volunteer area on the roof of the Cheesecrafters building.

 We had a map to help us find our way around the site.

One of my jobs was to stuffed these Vancity bags with goodies for the feast participants (restaurants, wineries, and other vendors) as a thank you gift.

There was an apron in there, flavoured salts, two potted herbs from Kitchen Pick, and a lot other cool stuff as well as a tonne of coupons and vouchers. I was eying the herbs, the Basil smelled particularly good!

We volunteers were pretty well fed as well! Thanks Terra Breads!

Turkey with Pesto
I had the turkey with pesto sandwich for lunch. So good. There's cranberries baked into the bread! It had little bit too much mayo for my taste but so good. 

Blueberry bun
These blueberry buns were so delicious as well. I had two!

There were also assorted muffins and grape buns for the volunteers as well.  Mmm.

Before I knew it, the first guests arrived! When my shift ended at 3pm, I headed down to enjoy the rest of the feast. Unfortunately, it also started raining at 3pm. What bad luck! Or maybe good luck because I saw one of my favourite food bloggers, Mijune of FollowMeFoodie under one of the tents waiting out the rain and she gave me some pointers on the must tries of this feast! =D But unfortunately a lot of them already ran out of food. =(

 Wine glasses and napkins for everyone!

The host farm, Golden Ears Cheesecrafters had their own tent were guests could sample some of their cheeses.
I love cheese. Lemon & Thyme Neufchatef, Medium Gouda, and Medium Havarti. They were all amazing.

There was also a silent auction tent with some very cool items up for grabs!

Choices Markets serving Glen Valley Artichoke Stackers

 Wine glasses were being filled and emptied everywhere I looked.

Krause Berry Farms, the previous year's host farm, was serving up some delicious, DELICIOUS berry cream cake and corn on the cob.

I had mine with butter and sea salt. SO GOOD.

Oru Cuisine @ Fairmont Pacific Rim chefs were preparing Terrine de champagne of Lostock Farms Rabbit and Yarrow Meadows Duck, with a North Arm Farms radish Salad and pickled mustard seeds.

Terrine de champagne of Lostock Farms Rabbit and Yarrow Meadows Duck, with a North Arm Farms radish Salad and pickled mustard seeds - Oru

Curry Crusted Seared Scallops, avocado puree, charred Hazelmere Organic Farm corn salsa, fried corn tortilla
by Edible Canada
Booooo! I didn't get to try this one out. I took this photo when I was in my volunteer apron so didn't steal a bite. It looks so delicious! Yeah, because I got off at 3pm, many of the participants had run out of food. Sad.

Winset Farms Symphony Heirloom Style Tomato Salad, Basil Pesto, Maestro Pepper Spicy Sorbetto
by Yew Restaurant + Bar

Terra Breads was cooking up flatbread in a wood fired oil drum oven which featured Cedar Isle Farm Wheat, Klippers Organics Squash, Onions & Sage, and Little Qualicum Cheese Works Raclette.

 The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts were serving Thyme and Birch Syrup infused watermelon.

Thyme and Birch Syrup infused watermelon

Ebo Restaurant
Ebo Restaurant had run out of their main salmon dish when I got there. They were serving a dessert instead.

Fig & Honeycomb Ice Cream Sandwich with a Toasted Hazelnut Sable
by Cocolico

 Wendy's Boys was making the most delicious ice cream sandwich! Many people went back for seconds!

Wild Rice had a delicious Yarrow Meadows Duck Confit with cherry tomatoes on a blueberry cracker, Gelderman Farms blueberries...or so I heard. They also ran out but they left this nicely decorated table!

 Mmm. I'm drawn to seafood and Vancouver Club was serving it like there was no tomorrow.

Sapo Bravo 30 component dungeness crab "slaw"
Their crab salad was amazing. It was my favourite of all the food I've tried. But it might be because I'm biased toward the crab. LOL

Seasonal 56's Grilled pizza: house made crust topped with In Season Farms hazelnut pesto; local goat cheese, and garnished with Glorious Organic Greens.

 Same as above except with house made duck sausage. Mmmm.

Cured Pacific Provider Salmon Belly wrapped in Glorious Oranics Pickled Beets
by Forage
Lolita's Ceviche: Fresh OceanWise seafood and citrus valencia orange with habanero pepper, stacke don organic blue corn tostada served with housemade guacamole & picked chayote

These cute guys from Spud.com were giving out flowers to everyone.

A feast in a field.

Throughout the event there was live music playing.

Feast of Fields is an amazing event and supports a good cause. I had a great time volunteering at the event. It was fun and met new people and had a chance to taste some delicious food.

The Vancouver Island Feast of Fields is being held this Sunday, September 16 at Alderlea Farm and Cafe in Duncan and there are still tickets available! So if you want to experience some amazing food get your tickets now otherwise you will have to wait until next year!

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