@South_Hill's "Hot Tub" Parklet and Food Truck Launch Party

The latest VIVA Vancouver project brings some needed public space in the South Hill area. The new wooden "Hot Tubs" seating area is located at Fraser Street and East 44th and celebrated its launch yesterday evening. But what is seating without some food? Fraser Street's first food truck JJ's Trucketeria also made its debut along side the little parklet.

 A lot of people come out to support the launch and enjoy some delicious food.

I arrived just before the ribbon cutting ceremony. The South Hill Business Association gave a brief the history of the Hot Tub project and introduced the minds behind it.

People such as designers Erika Mashig and Matthew Thomson made the "Hot Tub" possible.

Cutting the ribbon was Park Board Commissioner, John Coupar and MLA Mable Elmore.

 Hot tub styled seating makes a great place to sit down, relax and enjoy some street food.

 The kids seemed to love it, too, climbing all over and playing around the structures.

JJ's Trucketeria had a steady stream of customers and sold out of all their food in one and a half hours!

Meanwhile, the band Brother Beyond gave us live music to listen and dance to, and several people were!

As South Hill is close to my area, I am thrilled that there is another option to grab a bite and hang out. It's always great to see some greenery in the city and having a place to sit to enjoy it. Thank you VIVA Vancouver and South Hill Business Association for making this project a reality!

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Justin said...

The name of the other person cutting the ribbon was MLA Mable Elmore.

Jenny said...

Awesome. Thanks!

Michael Cox said...

Hi. I"d like permission to use your wide shot of the tubs, the one at the top of this page, as a link in my documentary video. It would be for the menu on the DVD. And if you have a larger version, 1920 pixels wide or better, I'd appreciate that size. Thanks,

Michael Cox