What's Growing Wednesday (Sept 12, 2012)

Our yellow pear shaped tomatoes are finally ripening!

The orange cherries are giving a lot of fruit. I grab a couple from this bowl every time I pass by. Yum!

My lettuce patch is down to only this much. My mom raided it and we enjoyed a nice big salad. It was delicious!

Any one know what type of plant this is in English? It's a hap jung gua or something like that in Chinese. It grows on vines.

So, what's growing is your yard?

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Crispy Lechon said...

Weeds are growing in our backyard. :(

BTW, I think hap jung gua is chayote in English.

Jenny said...

lol I have a lot of weeds as well.

Yes! Looks like it is chayote! Thanks for identifying it!